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PM Modi Will Inaugurate Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit Today in Gandhinagar


Gujaratonweb: 10 Jan, 2017, Today PM Modi will inaugurate the eighth edition of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. Vibrant Gujarat Summit, including Cisco's John Chambers and Mark Allen Boeing Bertrand many of the Fortune 500 list of companies CEO said. The goal of this three-day conference of state signed by 21,190 deal in the state is to attract an investment of Rs 30 lakh crore. Eight lectures at the conference will include more than 6,000 representatives.

Further meetings between different companies and government officials will also round. Modi will attend a feast in the afternoon with foreign guests. The conference with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Power Minister Piyush Goyal will also include other ministers. The 110 countries will participate in this conference. Vibrant Gujarat Global Trade Exhibition to be held in two parts. Professional seminars will be on January 10 and 11. On January 12 and 13 will be opened to the general public.

4-day Conference, was the result of his thinking. Gujarat chief minister, he had started. Seventh session of the Conference in January 2015, the state received investment proposals worth Rs 25 lakh crore.

Earlier Tuesday, Prime Minister meet his mother arrived. Said Modi tweeted that went to meet mother. Had breakfast with them before dawn. Spent time with them.

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